Music For Cats

Cats is a well-known song written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, according to the old folk music collection Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. This popular song has been in print ever since it was first recorded in 1940 and features animal sounds and rhythms similar to many popular modern songs of the time including “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “Jingle Bells”. One of the most interesting things about this particular song is that it is a very blatant endorsement of vegetarianism, even listing a number of different kinds of vegetables that cats love (apples, squash, carrots, celery, peas, spinach, squash, okra). Although the singer has changed his mind about going vegetarian over time, the original version is probably still the most well-known.

Another very similar song with a somewhat similar meaning is “Cat Fancy”, which mentions several different types of foods cats like and recommends ways to feed each of them based on their flavor. In the lyrics, cats can also be compared to young children, who are said to be very fussy eaters. Both of these songs make it clear that the cat is considered an important part of the family and that they should not be left alone to eat anything they like. Although some people argue against a vegetarian lifestyle because of the supposed cruelty to animals, studies have shown that many cats do enjoy a vegetarian diet and can survive on a vegetarian diet with no problems.

“Cat Fancy” in particular, although it is often cited as a great song for vegetarianism, seems to be more of an old-fashioned fairy tale than a true depiction of a cat’s life. In modern times, cats have adopted more human-like characteristics. Modern cats often eat vegetables, like corn, and may live a long, happy life in this type of diet. However, some people (such as animal rights activists) still consider vegetarian diets to be cruel to cats, forcing the species to endure extreme conditions in captivity. Even so, there is no shortage of great music for cats that makes for a great listening choice when you want to get your kitty in the mood.